‘… We spoke on the phone a few times and emailed each other a few other times and everything was set. I chose the casket from a website and verified vital statistics that would be used to complete my father’s death certificate via email. Steve notified me as soon as he had my father in his care. One of the nicest things about Steve was he made it clear that he was available if I needed him for anything.’

Gail K., Plainview, NY

‘Some things like saying a good word about a great friend, and a good person, come easily.
Steve Kleinberg and I have known each other for well over twenty years as a result of us both being EMT members of a volunteer ambulance company.
Steve is a good listener as well as a good talker resulting in us learning enough about ourselves, our families and our interests as to cement our friendship.
Obviously, I learned about his ideas in how to prepare any family, including mine, in how to ease the emotional, financial and painful concerns relating to the burial of loved one. That made it easy for me to turn to Steve for his services on the passing of my beloved wife. My family and I were grateful for his care, efficiency and obvious concern for our well being during what was an emotional time for us.
In fact, I was so pleased with his very personal and professional assistance that, weeks later, I turned to Steve and told him that I would want him to conduct my funeral when that time came so that I would be comforted by the knowledge that my family would not have to concern itself with the completion of my wishes. This is a great relief to me and my children.
Steve and I recently had lunch together and, without wishing to sound morbid, I have no problem in telling my friends that “I just had lunch with my undertaker”.’.

Julian G., Atlantic Beach, NY

‘When life’s tragedy strikes and a loved one dies and you are overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to call ETERNAL LIGHT.
From personal experience Steve Kleinberg, the director, was a phone call away.
When our niece died suddenly his number was in my phone and the first person I thought of. Within the hour he made all the important phone calls i.e.: cemetery, coroner’s office to claim her body, giving instructions for no autopsy etc. He conferred with us many times by phone to discuss all the details regarding the funeral. In our case it was a graveside service. He provided seats for those people who found it hard to stand and umbrellas to shade us from the sun, He was there with all the paraphernalia needed for a proper funeral.
In the end it was Eternal Light and Steve Kleinberg who took all the details out of our hands leaving us to our grief and mourning. We are grateful to have Steve Kleinberg in our life.’

Jean and Ivan A., Flushing, NY

‘Mr. Steve Kleinberg is a consummate professional who by intensive study and training, vast experience and sterling character stands out in his chosen field. He understands that as the chief guide in the practical aspects of laying a loved one to rest he is fulfilling a calling, rather than merely being engaged in a business transaction. This approach is reflected in the manner in which he serves families, including keeping charges as reasonable as possible.
He further comprehends that the American Jewish community is pluralistic. Steve is equipped to meet the needs and religious sensibilities over the wide spectrum of current Jewish practices, from the most traditional to the least.
His sensitivity, indeed empathy, and exquisite attention to detail are extraordinary.’

A New York City Rabbi

‘I was referred to Mr. Kleinberg and Eternal Light to handle the transportation and burial arrangements for my dear mother. Mr. Kleinberg called me and took care of all the arrangements for the transfer of my mother from Texas to New York.
He kept me informed and handled every detail from the time that we first spoke until the end of the funeral. Mr. Kleinberg called me with information along the way is it was comforting for me to know that my mother was getting the best care. Mr. Kleinberg was compassionate, caring and professional. Under the difficult circumstances Eternal Light funeral met the needs of my family.’

Linda L., Plano, TX

‘Steven Kleinberg was located in Brooklyn and took the time to drive to upper Manhattan, where I was staying with a family member, to meet with me. During that meeting, Steven, very patiently and kindly, explained the process and costs for cremation…’

Marion V., Vero Beach, Florida

‘…How fortunate was I to have found Steve. He recommended a NY approved prepaid funeral in order to reduce the strain on a disabled cousin having to deal with her father’s funeral. When her father died a few years later all I had to do was call Steve and he handled everything…’

Neil W., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

‘I also want to tell you how WONDERFUL Steve at Eternal Light was. I can’t thank you enough for recommending him. I recently recommended him to my close friend in NY’.

Charna B., San Francisco, CA